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ChromaGen Practitioner Spotlight

This interview with Dr. Quon about SouthCoast Optometry was featured on the We Read Better website in February 2012.

1. What inspired you to become an eye doctor and how is your practice different from others?

I was inspired to become an eye doctor due to my own poor vision and unending thirst for knowledge to improve vision.  My practice is dedicated toward pursuing excellence in vision, eye performance, and eye health.  Our eye products, high tech equipment, and scientific approach demonstrates our dedication and passion toward providing the absolute finest eye wear (glasses or contact lenses) and eye care (examination, eye disease treatment, and eye health management).  We embrace the latest in science and technology to provide the best options for our patients.

2.  What was your favorite book when you were a child? 

Although it may seem a bit odd, my favorite book(s) was the World Book Encyclopedia series.  I was truly fascinated by the articles, colored pictures, and wonderful information provided on so many subjects.

3.  What are three things that you love to do outside of work?

  • I love to try different restaurants and attend wine tastings.
  • I love to watch basketball (i.e. Laker and Clipper) games and playoff baseball games (i.e. Angels and Dodgers).
  • Read non-fiction articles on health and nutrition

4.  Who is your all-time favorite musician/band and movie? 

I generally enjoy any pop music, R&B, and Duettes from the “Oldies Era” of the 70’s-90’s  (although current musicians singing remakes of “oldies” have caught my ear!)  In terms of movies, I generally enjoy most adventure, action, and comedies.  However, lately I have been watching mostly whatever my wife enjoys (i.e. “chick flicks”)!

5.  Why did you sign up to become a Certified ChromaGen Practitioner? 

I have quite a number of patients with color vision deficiency and also many patients (both children and adults) with reading challenges.  ChromaGen lenses have been able to provide a solution in many situations where none were available.  Becoming a Certified ChromaGen Practitioner allows me to really help benefit the life of individuals, allowing people to see colors “normally” as well as providing improved reading and learning function.  It has been a wonderful solution for many of my patients.

5A.  Do you have a favorite ChromaGen success story to share?

It is difficult to pick a “ChromaGen® success story” from among my several enthusiastic and heart warming  patients.  One young gentleman came from out of state to get an exam for ChromaGen® Color Vision Correction and after seeing the difference with the test lenses, was completely overwhelmed with tears of joy.  Another middle aged lady, diagnosed with dyslexia, had a mile wide smile after receiving her ChromaGen® lenses for reading.  The positive feeling for these lenses represent a success story that is extremely hard to articulate but internally it fulfills you with immense satisfaction that you have helped a person overcome an immense deficiency.

6. What are your top three tips for eye health? 

  • A yearly comprehensive eye health exam with a detailed oriented optometrist that includes dilated fundus evaluation or Optomap Retinal Imaging.
  • Maximum protection from Ultra-violet light with excellent set of UV filtering glasses and sunglasses.
  • A diet with a minimum of 5 servings of dark green vegetables everyday.  This generally provides nutrients that maintains eye health throughout your life.  Generally, I believe natural consumption is better than supplementation.  If you are unable to do this, eye nutritional supplements with a minimum of 10 mg of Lutein and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin can be extremely beneficial not only for your eyes but may enhance your general physical health as well.  However, this is not a cut and dry rule because many factors play in the role of ocular nutritional supplements.  It is best to consult with an eye practitioner knowledgeable on such matters before pursuing supplementation on your own.

7.  Is your practice using social media to reach new and/or existing customers/patients? If so, where can our readers find you? 

Our practice is just beginning to use social media to reach new and existing patients.  We feel we could help so many more patients if we could share our knowledge and expertise to benefit others.  Please feel free to find us at the following sites: