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Contact Lens Services

At South Coast Optometry we fit almost every soft and hard lens available including bifocals, progressives, torics, eye color enhancing or eye color changing and others. Our dedication has allowed us to fit many previously diagnosed “unfittable” cases into happy wearers. We provide contact lens fittings for bifocal/progressive soft Lenses & RGP, Keratoconus fittings, toric soft and toric RGP lenses. If you were unable to wear contacts in the previous 5 years, you really need to give us a try.

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  • Orthokeratology for Athletes Thumbnail.jpg
    Orthokeratology (ortho-k), or corneal refractive therapy helps young athletes prevent nearsightedness from progressing further and corrects vision overnight for perfect vision all day long.
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    If your child's prescription is rapidly deteriorating,  Orthokeratology, or “Ortho-K,” not only corrects vision, leaving you glasses and contacts free during the day, but is also a proven method to slow down or even halt the progression of myopia.
  • What are Scleral Lenses Thumbnail.jpg
    People with various corneal conditions can see clearly once again by wearing scleral lenses. Those who couldn’t wear contact lenses due to eye conditions or discomfort are able to correct their vision safely & successfully.
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    Order your contact lenses here...
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    Our Costa Mesa office is pleased to be able to provide a wide variety of contact lenses. As technology changes, so does our selection.