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Lens Selections

Here is more information about some of our best lens choices:

  • PRIOtm: We utilize a special PRIO tester to evaluate your eye's focusing ability on a computer terminal. PRIOtm lenses are available in single vision, bifocals and wide viewing progressive lenses to solve most computer eyestrain problems. Please visit their website link at for more information on this eyestrain relieving wonder.
  • Chromagen: In clinical trials, over 97% with color blindness reported a significant enhancement of their color vison with Chromagen lenses. These lenses are available in regular glasses form or soft contact lenses. Please visit their website link at and their Facebook page for more information.
  • Oakley: If you are looking to get prescription glasses in a "wrap-around" frame, we offer genuine Oakley lenses to minimize distortions in your prescription lenses.  Or, if you are looking for non-prescription sunglasses with minimum distortion ask about our Oakley sunglasses. We also carry the revolutionary THUMP, the fantastic sporty sunglass with a built-in mp3 player!
  • We also utilize the latest in conventional lens technology from the ultimate in thin lenses to shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses including the Aspheric and new ATORIC (thinner and wider peripheral vision than aspheric lenses) low distortion super thin lenses.