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Eye Doctor for Irvine, CA Eye Exams and More

Your Irvine, California Optometrist
Dr. Daniel Quon

(714) 540-2020
949 South Coast Drive, Suite 155
Costa Mesa CA 92626

Irvine CA eye examAt South Coast Optometry near Irvine eye doctors provide a full range of eye care services. Our professional optometrists have years of experience and can handle all your eye health needs.

If you need an eye exam Irvine CA is close to South Coast Optometry. During a comprehensive eye exam, we check your eyesight and overall eye health. Vision is not the only aspect of eye health. We treat eye allergies, eye infections like pink eye, and dry eyes, in addition to taking care of eye emergencies like removing embedded foreign objects.

At South Coast Optometry near Irvine, CA optometrist Dr. Quon is a forward thinking eye doctor who remains at the forefront of the optometric field. Using advanced technology to manage ocular diseases, eye exams include screening for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. If an eye disease is diagnosed we provide counseling and treatment, or refer you to a specialist if necessary. Early detection is the key to successful intervention when it comes to eye diseases.

For those interested in LASIK Irvine CA has ophthalmologists we refer to. Our eye doctor offers eye surgery co-management and LASIK counseling.

Book an appointment with your Irvine eye doctor online or call South Coast Optometry.