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Optometrist Orange County

The Orange County Optometrist – Dr. Daniel Quon

South Coast Optometry

(714) 540-2020
949 South Coast Drive, Suite 155
Costa Mesa CA 92626

At South Coast Optometry, our conveniently located clinic lets our optometrist serve Orange County, CA – providing a wealth of expert eye care services. We stay at the cutting-edge of eyecare technology and techniques to make sure you always look and see your best.

Our Optometrist in Orange County provides many services, including:

Eye Exam Orange County, CA

Visit our professional and friendly eye doctors in Orange County for your annual eye exams. We encourage our patients to visit the practice at least once a year, especially if they have already reached your 40’s. Early detection of eye conditions like glaucoma or cataracts at this age is crucial for proper none-surgical treatment. As optometry technologies evolve, eye care experts can offer comprehensive vision testing that can detect even minor changes in your retina. An annual visit to South Coast Optometry will help Dr. Quon monitor your vision health in the long run.

Dry Eye Treatment

If not managed properly, Dry Eye can affect your daily routine. Activities such as prolonged computer use or reading can be difficult for individuals who suffer from Dry Eye. Dry eye syndrome can’t be cured, but your local eye care expert can help you successfully manage the main symptoms of this eye condition – stinging or burning of the eye, eye redness, and eye fatigue.

In order to treat dry eye our optometrists use artificial tear drops in order to enhance your natural tears. Artificial tears will lubricate the eyes for temporarily relief of dry eye symptoms.

Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses

Our eye doctors are experts on contact lenses fitting for hard-to-fit patients. At South Coast Optometry we can fit daily contacts or offer you bifocal or multi focal contact lenses, as well as toric lens for astigmatism.

Optometrist Orange County
949 South Coast Drive, Suite 155
Costa Mesa CA 92626
Phone: 714-540-2020