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Excellent staff and Optometrists who give you THE most thorough eye examination. Great selection of eyewear--I get progressive lenses with a special glare coating (see pic below) for working in front of a computer all day--it really makes a difference. I've been coming here for over five years and they really take their time with you to make sure that you're thoroughly satisfied with your glass(es).
5 months ago
- Denise R.
I am very satisfied with my visit! I came out that door with knowledge I have not gotten anywhere else before and I have been wearing glasses about 20 years now. I purchased some shiny Tiffany and co frames which i love!!!South Coast optometry is the place to go to get better care for your eyes. The eye blower test (i call it) and the other cool gadgets are in one whole room which is more convenient with someone like me who gets nervous and anxious. Once done with the cool gadgets you might not want to leave haha they are pretty awesome. Next they took me to the doctor to get my exam and the doctor has great sense of humor. Not only that but he went down to the T in regards to why my eyes are how they are now and how I can prevent them from any scary disease in the future. (I blame my mother hehe jk). Anywho, next was Bob. He explained to me in good detail what type of lens i should get and frames as well.I got exactly what i wanted and needed (SHINY).BTW their sanitation process is thoughtful when it comes to choosing frames. (Yes, you can try them on)...I will be going back to do further studies for my special eyes. Thank you doctor and staff.<3
11 months ago
- Heidy M.
I enjoy my visits with Dr. Yoo as he is very knowledgeable / technical. Could not as for a better doctor 🙂
12 months ago
- Michael C.
Personable, friendly staff, and a warm environment. All of the staff is very knowledgeable in their respective domain of expertise. My eye tests were administered smoothly and timely and of course my eye exam and consultation with Dr. Quon was superb! As always Dr. Quon is personable and provides information in a manner in which the patient can comprehend. Bob was attentive as always when helping me to select my prescription sunglasses and my prescription eyewear. Bob's in-depth knowledge about eye lens, framing, and specific protections that are needed for prescription eyewear, is always very helpful in making the best selection for the need and the look.
1 year ago
- Dr. G.
My family has used Dr. Quon for over 10 years. We drive a considerable distance because he's the best--both he and his staff take better care of us than any other eye doctor we've had. He educates and proactively informs us and takes time to really partner with us for outstanding eye care .
1 year ago
- Janet R.
Amazing doctors, Amazing knowledge and patience, Amazing staff: Dr's Quon and Yoo represent doctors with a great bedside manner and desire to help each patient- one at a time, and make each one feel as they are the practice's only patient. I've been coming to South Coast Optometry pretty much since their inception a longggggggggggggggg time ago. It may be 20 years. I have a complex eye situation and have worn glasses/contacts since age 3. Recently Dr. Quon diagnosed me with a second cataract and is working with me to get that taken care of. He and Doctor Yoo go out of their way to serve their patients. All I know is since I found South Coast Optometry my eyes have never been under better care. Dr's Quon and Yoo are connected to the top ophthalmic specialists. The staff of Sheila, Bob, Rachel, Nikki, Lesley and the past including Yumei and Karen were/are phenomenal in helping coordinate RXs, insurance, eye health protocol and of course new lenses (contacts or eye glasses). FYI, SCO only carries the latest technology in eyeware and RX scripts. The doctors are constantly staying on top of the latest technologies to manage prolonged vision health. I can't recommend SCO enough. They get the highest marks from me and the practice's other discriminating patients, across the board! Thanks Dr's Quon and Yoo!!
1 year ago
- Fair M.
My first time here for an eye exam. Friendly staff checked me in for today. They exceeded my expectations!! I got to say everyone’s great. I would rate this more if I could. The doctors are excellent as if we met before. Recommend for anyone for eye check-ups!
1 year ago
- David A.