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Dry Eye and Our Eye Care Technology

At South Coast Optometry, doctors Daniel Kwan and David Yu utilize various technologies to help our patients find relief from eye diseases or conditions that severely affect their daily lives. Many times our patients come to us with severe dry eye symptoms after being unable to find relief from other eye care professionals who lacked the skills or technology to help them. Among the main dry eye technologies we use are:

Prokera ThumbnailProkera

This technology utilizes amniotic discs to help protect, repair and heal damaged eye surfaces from eye diseases and conditions like keratitis, chemical burns, coronal defects, corneal scars, and many ocular surface diseases that may also cause inflammation.

Regener Eyes

While many practices carry eye drops or artificial tears to help bring relief to dry eye patients, a lot of patients get weary of utilizing these drops over time due to the lack of change in their dry eye and their chronic dependency on these drops. Regener eyes is an ophthalmic solution that is preservative-free and addresses the most common form of dry eye, called evaporative dry eye.

Regener eyes can help a person finally get the long-lasting relief they’ve been looking for and no longer feel dependent upon other solutions to help treat their dry eye.

If you are looking for a solution for your ocular surface disease or dry eye, reach out to South Coast Optometry and speak to one of our doctors for more information about our various treatments, such as Prokera and Regener eyes.

Pentacam ThumbnailPentacam, Scanfit Pro, and Specialty Contact Lenses

Our doctors have years of experience fitting patients with contact lenses. We employ cutting-edge technology to create lenses even for patients who suffer from a corneal disease like keratoconus or have gone through a corneal transplant, which prevents them from wearing regular contacts.

Pentacam is a tool we use in our clinic to get precise measurements of your corneal surface, which allows us to create a custom-designed lens just for you. Based on these measurements, we then use a technology called Scanfit Pro to design the lens and manufacture it.

You’ll see and feel the difference right away! Creating custom-fit lenses with these technologies allows us to offer contacts that fit more comfortably and allow for clearer vision than ever before.

If you or someone you know has experienced problems wearing soft contact lenses, has trouble driving at night due to light sensitivity, or simply never got the clarity they needed from regular glasses or contact lenses, speak to one of our eye doctors. Let’s see how we can help!

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