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Restasis Eye Drops

What is Restasis for dry eyes?

restasis eye dropsRestasis is a prescription eye drop that we prescribe to our Orange County, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Irvine patients who suffer from mild to severe cases of dry eyes. It is one of the two FDA approved eye drops (along with Xiidra). The typical tear has oil, water, and mucin in it. When production of these chemicals are low, it causes the eyes to become dry, teary, or red. This is known as dry eyes. When you suffer from dry eyes, the eyes become inflamed. Restasis is designed to help the lacrimal gland in your eye's natural ability to produce tears and reduce inflammation.

After about 90 - 120 days, the drops begin to kick in (so be patient!). At that point, stinging and burning in the eyes should go down. Some patients also use Xiidra for the full effect. Restasis is a prescription drug and is thus not covered by insurance. For more details, including pricing, give us a call.

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Dry eye syndrome (DES or dry eye) is a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the ey