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Retaine MGD For Dry Eyes

About Retain MGD

Retain MGD eye drops for dry eyes

Retain MGD is an eye drop used to help relieve dry eyes, irritated eyes, or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The typical tear in the eyes is made up of a balance of mucin, water, and oil. People with dry eyes or MGD are missing the proper makeup of those three components. Retain MGD is designed to help the eyes produce the proper tears that contain the correct amount of mucin, water, and oil. This, in turn, stops your eyes from burning, itching, and feeling red.

We have found a great amount of success with our Costa Mesa patients who combine this product with Eyepromise tear supplements. Using this combination of drops, we have successfully taken 50% of our patients off of expensive treatments like Restasis. This can save our patients a lot of money as Restasis is typically not covered by insurance. In addition, 50% of our dry eyes patients have blepharitis and this helps with that. Give us a call to discuss if you are a candidate for Retain MGD.