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Dry Eyes and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

We are spending tons of time on the computer. We use it for work, school, entertainment, and can end up being on the computer for over 10 hours a day. As a result, many people are developing dry eyes related to computer use, otherwise known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). When staring at a computer screen, we tend to blink less, causing the tears to evaporate quicker. Mucin, oil, and water levels in the eye are off. The eyelids are clogged. This leads to smeared and blurry vision. We start to feel gritty eyes and redness. An 8 will all of the sudden start to look like a 3. woman suffering from CVS

It is important to consciously remember to blink more frequently while working on the computer. People even put a reminder on their computer screens to remind them to blink. Try taking small quick breaks every 20 minutes or so while looking further out to give your eyes a different focus. Close your eyes for a few seconds to relax them. There are also medications to relieve the symptoms. Artificial drops can help lubricate the eyes. Our Costa Mesa Eye Doctors recommend trying Retaine MGD or EyePromise EZ Tears. If all else fails, patients have found Xiidra or Restasis to be very helpful as well. It is important to remember that dry eyes is a very common problem, but with some of these basic tips, you can avoid discomfort while using a computer for hours on end.