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Dry Eye Treatment

Do you wake up with dry or red eyes?
Are your eyes burning, itchy, or gritty?

You might have dry eye syndrome.

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What Is Dry Eye Syndrome? (DES)

Dry eye syndrome (DES) occurs when tear production and drainage are not in balance. People with dry eyes either do not produce enough tears or their tears are of poor quality. The result? Unpleasant symptoms, including itching, burning, redness, watery eyes, excessive tearing—and even eye pain.

Dry eyes can also increase your risk for more serious eye problems like corneal ulcers.

Dr. Daniel Quon can diagnose the cause of your dry eyes and provide long lasting soothing relief.

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How to Know If You Have Dry Eye Syndrome

Do any of these symptoms seem familiar?

Gritty, itchy, or stinging eyes
Gritty, itchy, or stinging eyes
Excessive tearing and discharge
Excessive tearing and discharge
Eyes that feel tired or dry
Eyes that feel tired or dry
Increased light sensitivity
Increased light sensitivity
Regularly using eye drops
Regularly using eye drops
Discomfort in the eyes that worsens as the day progresses
Discomfort that worsens as the day goes on

Our Top Dry Eye Treatments That We Offer


The TearCare System is one of the latest treatments on the market that offers relief to those with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Dry Eyes, and Blepharitis, and at the South Coast Optometry, we’re proud to have it in our arsenal of advanced treatments for dry eye syndrome.

Regener-Eyes is a sterile, preservative-free biologic eye drop that comes in two versions, LITE (for mild ocular surface disease) and PRO (for moderate to severe ocular surface disease). Both the Pro and LITE have a shelf life of 3 years. The Pro version is required to be refrigerated while LITE may be placed at room temperature.

PROKERA® is a therapeutic device used by eye doctors around the world to protect, repair and heal damaged eye surfaces. PROKERA® is made by clipping a piece of amniotic membrane tissue in between two rings made out of a clear, flexible material.

Don’t wait for dry eye syndrome to worsen. Take action today by booking your appointment with South Coast Optometry in Costa Mesa.

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Other Dry Eye Treatments We Offer

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Hot Compresses for Dry Eye

Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Thumbnail.jpg

Eye Drops for Dry Eyes: Why You Should See Your Eye Doctor

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Vitamins and Foods That Relieve Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry Eye Reviews


I am so glad I chose Dr. Quon and his office. Not only were they thoroughly knowledgeable about there services. The staff and doctor as well took the to explain the whole process and my options. Plus the choices in the office of glasses were so many to choose from. I think I have found a eye doctor I will be using for the next few decades.

- James H., Facebook 9/14
happy woman of color

How Do I Prevent Dry Eye Symptoms?

Suffering from dry eye disease not only diminishes your quality of life but also makes daily activities such as reading, doing sports, or driving, a real struggle. Get to the root of your dry eyes by contacting us for a full diagnosis and a treatment plan that’s right for you. In the meanwhile, here are a few things you can do to help temporarily relieve dry eye symptoms.

Omega 3

Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. This helps produce oils in your tears and slow evaporation.

The 20-20-20 Rule

Extensive screen time can result in dryness and eye irritation. Take a 20-second break from your digital device or computer every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away.

And make sure to blink more often, especially when you’re using a screen for a long stretch.

Position Fans Far Away

Position air vents, fans and heaters so that they don’t blow directly into your eyes and dry them out.

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